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Audio/Video Streaming
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What is Audio/Video Streaming?
Audio/video streaming is the ability to play computer content such as video, music, or your photos, at one location, when it is stored elsewhere. For example, you can display photos stored on your computer to your TV screen.

Most people now have a variety of content on their computer, either downloaded from an internet provider, or captured using a camera, camcorder or mobile phone. In many cases they simply use their computer or laptop to play it, but might prefer to send it to their TV.

What is a Media Player?
You may have heard of a media player, but might not know what it is. It is basically a device that can play computer content to your TV. Most media players can be connected to your network (either wirelessly or wired) and configured to access your computer directly. In this way, you can display a slide-show of your photos, or listen to a play-list of music, while it remains on your computer. There is no need to burn CDs or DVDs. They can also play content that is stored on a USB disk or flash stick, and some can access internet content, such as YouTube, directly.

You may already have a media player in your home without knowing it. For example, a Playstation 3 can be connected to your network and can play back your photo's, video & music from your computer. Some devices, such as the BeyonWiz range will also act a a Personal Video Recorder, allowing you to record TV programs directly using the Electronic Programming Guide (EPG). Once you've got one you'll probably wonder how you managed without one!

How We Can Help
Contact us if you'd like to find out more about media players. We do not sell them directly, but we can act on your behalf to procure a suitable device of your choice, install it, and configure it according to your requirements.

Most media players on the market are "works in progress", so it is important to make sure that you understand any limitations that may apply, and update the firmware to the latest version.