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Hardware => BIOS & Firmware Updates
What is a Firmware?
Some PC components and attached devices run their own software that controls how they work and what facilities they provide. This type of software is built into the device itself and is known as firmware (halfway between hardware & software). In many cases, the manufacturer may occasionally provide firmware updates. These may extend the function of the device or fix problems that were found in earlier versions.

Here's a list of some of the devices that may benefit from a firmware update:

  • Network Routers - A firmware update may improve the stability of your wireless network, or improve your broadband connection speed.

  • USB Devices - This includes printers, cameras, webcams, and other devices that connect to your computer via a USB port. In some cases, more recent firmware may be available to fix problems.

  • Media Players - These devices allow you to stream video from the internet, or play content that resides on your PC over your own home network. Most of them are "works in progress", and periodic updates usually fix problems or extend functions to include new media formats, etc.

  • Other PC Components - These include DVD drives, disks and some expansion cards.

What is BIOS?
BIOS is the name given to the firmware that runs on a PC motherboard. It stands for Basic Input/Output System. BIOS updates typically fix stability and other problems, or provide support for more recent CPUs or other components that didn't exist when the board was made.

How I Can Help
As with device drivers, BIOS & firmware updates can be a little tricky to track down. They must be applied with care, as in some cases, an update failure can render the device unusable. A1 ComputaFix will track down & install appropriate updates where required to fix a problem.
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