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Computer Tune-Up - Causes of Poor Performance
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What Causes Poor Performance?
Here are some of the possible causes of poor performance.

  • Hijacked Startups. Many applications that you may have installed (deliberately or accidentally) fire up in the background on start-up or login, effectively stealing your computer's memory and CPU resources.

  • Unwanted/Unrequired Software. New computers (particularly laptops) are often loaded by the manufacturer with unrequired  software, "special offers", etc, again stealing resources. Some applications may be wrongly configured, poorly written, or simply inappropriate for your needs, and may consume a disproportionate quantity of your computer's resources.

  • Unwanted/Unrequired Browser Add-Ons. Your internet browser may well have a number of add-ons, such as toolbars, that you don't really want or need.

  • Inadequate Hardware. Some older computers may require additional memory (RAM) or faster disks to be able to handle modern software (particularly Internet Security packages).

  • Virus Activity. In some cases virus activity in the background may cause poor performance.

  • Disk Fragmentation. Disk partitions can become fragmented causing your files to be scattered in small segments all over the physical drive. This slows access to your data.

  • Device Driver Problems. You may be using incorrect or faulty device drivers. For example, if you are not using a recent driver for your graphics card you may not be using some of the advanced performance features that it offers.

  • Registry Problems. The registry is a database of system and application settings and other information. Corruptions and incorrect or out of date entries can cause reduced performance, system crashes and other problems.

  • Hardware Problems. These include disk errors, and overheating caused by inadequate ventilation or a build-up of dirt on CPU heatsink, etc.