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Phone:                  0417 175 483
A Mobile Computer Service for Perth Northern Suburbs
Phone: 0417 175 483

I can replace any components in your desktop PC, though of course it is not always economical to do so, and I will advise you if I think that this is the case. Most parts can be upgraded to provide better performance if required. To minimise delays, I normally hold a limited range of spares that I can supply at competitive prices, but you are free to source your own parts if you prefer.

  • Motherboard - This is the main board in your computer to which everything else connects. Generally it is only replaced if faulty.

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit) - This is the "brains" of your computer. It can be replaced if faulty. In some instances it might be worth upgrading it to a faster unit, but upgrade options depend on the motherboard.

  • RAM (Random Access Memory) - This provides fast temporary data storage on your computer. It can be replaced if faulty or (depending on your situation) extra RAM can be added to improve performance.

  • Disks & Optical Drives - Disks & optical drives (such as DVD burners) hold all your data (photos, video, music, documents, etc) as well as the operating system and application software. They can be replaced if faulty, or upgraded to larger or faster models if required. Additional disks can usually be added to increase capacity or or to provide backup space where you can keep a copy of your data.

  • Graphics Card - This provides a connection to your monitor, and can be replaced if faulty. Some (usually cheaper) computers have a monitor connection directly on the motherboard. In most instances a graphics card can be added or upgraded to provide faster graphics processing. This is usually required for playing computer games, but may also provide better connection options, such as HDMI, for viewing video.

  • PSU (Power Supply Unit) - This converts the 240 Volt mains electricity supply to suitable DC voltages required for the PC components. It can be replaced if faulty.

  • Other Components - Some computers may contain more specialised components such as Sound Cards, Video Capture cards, USB or SATA expansion cards, etc. As with other components they can be replaced if faulty, and added or upgraded where required.

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