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Software => Data Backup & Security
Why Back Up?
Many people only realise the importance of backing up their data after they've lost it. This can be devastating, robbing you of precious memories stored as photos & video, or resulting in expensive loss of business data such as accounts & customer information. Any email stored on your computer is also at risk.

Data can be lost for a variety of reasons including hardware problems, virus activity, software bugs & accidental deletion. To avoid such loss it is important to make regular copies of anything that you value. This can be done manually by making a simple copy of relevant files or can be automated so that you don't have to remember to do it.

How to Back Up
Copies can be made to a USB drive, flash-stick, CD, DVD or internal disk. The more copies you make, to different locations, the more secure your data will be. There are also a number of companies that offer the opportunity to copy your data over the internet to their servers. Some of these "Cloud-Based" services are free.

How I Can Help
A1 ComputaFix can set up a variety of backup solutions of varying sophistication, tailored to your requirements. Some of these are free, and some rely on commercial products.

In particular I can supply, install and configure Macrium Reflect. This market-leading commercial product can back up all your data either manually or automatically on a pre-defined schedule. It can also take an Image Backup of your system drive that can be restored very quickly if your system becomes unusable for any reason (e.g disk crash, Windows corruption, etc) and avoids having to reinstall and set up Windows.

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