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Data Recovery
When Would You Need a Data Recovery Service?
If for any reason you are unable to access your data (photos, documents, music, etc) on your computer, you may need some sort of Data Recovery Service.

Reasons for Data Loss
Your data may become inaccessible for a variety of reasons such as:

- Your computer no longer starts properly.
- You have accidentally deleted some files

How I Can Help
In the majority of cases where a computer does not start properly, it is usually possible to either fix the startup problem, or to remove the hard drive and recover the data on another computer.

However, in other cases, the file system and/or the data itself may have been damaged, perhaps due to a problem with the hard drive, a power surge or other fault. If you have no backups it may still be possible to retrieve your data using a variety of techniques, as long as the hard drive is not completely inaccessible.

A1 ComputaFix has had considerable success at retrieving data in such circumstances and can often do so at a much more affordable price than charged by more specialist Data Recovery services.

If you have lost or accidentally deleted files, you suspect that the hard drive is faulty, or your computer won't start,  you should shut it down immediately and seek assistance. Using your computer under these circumstances will reduce the chances of being able to successfully retrieve your data. DO NOT install software on the same drive to try to retrieve files as this may overwrite the data you are attempting to recover.

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