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Hardware => Driver Installations & Updates
What is a Device Driver?
A Device Driver is a piece of software that is usually supplied by the manufacture of a computer component. It provides all the information & code required to allow the computer to use the device in an efficient way.

How I Can Help
As with any other software, early versions of drivers often contain errors (bugs), so manufacturers periodically release updates to correct problems and sometimes to provide additional facilities. Often, the drivers that were initially installed on your computer are not the best ones to use. We can help by tracking down & installing the latest versions. Often, this will fix problems that you may be experiencing, improve performance, and provide additional functionality.

Here is a list of some of the PC components & accessories that might benefit from updated drivers.

  • Motherboard - It is essential to have the correct drivers installed to match your PC motherboard. Incorrect or out of date drivers may result in poor performance, system instability, or problems with networking, USB ports, sound production and other issues.

  • Graphics Card - The correct driver will ensure optimum performance, particularly for computer games & video, and will facilitate proper control for dual-screen setups and media-playing.

  • USB Devices - This includes printers, cameras, webcams, and other devices that connect to your computer via a USB port. They often come with a CD containing appropriate drivers, but there is often a later version that may fix some problems or improve performance.
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