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Phone:                  0417 175 483
A Mobile Computer Service for Perth Northern Suburbs
Phone: 0417 175 483
Frequently Asked Questions => Bookings
How do I make a booking?
Just ring or email me to agree a date and time for an on-site visit or to arrange for you to drop off your equipment at my base. Details are on the Contact page and elsewhere on this site. In some instances you may be greeted by a recorded message. Just leave your name and number and I will respond very quickly.

I have an urgent problem. How soon can you respond?
Very often I can respond on the same day. If it is particularly important to get a quick resolution, please stress this when you call, and I may be able to rearrange the schedule to suit your needs.

Are you able to guarantee a time of arrival?
Sometimes earlier jobs overrun and make it difficult to keep to an exact schedule. If I am unable to make the original time, I will phone you with a new estimate. I will let you know when you make the booking if this seems likely to happen. If you only have a fixed availability period, please let me know so that I can arrange my schedule to suit your needs.

What if I have to "pop-out" at the time of my booking?
Please phone to let me know if you need to rearrange the booking time wherever possible, however, I will normally phone you just before leaving the previous job to confirm that you are at home or on-site.