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Phone:                  0417 175 483
A Mobile Computer Service for Perth Northern Suburbs
Phone: 0417 175 483
Frequently Asked Questions => Service Charges
What can I expect to pay for your services?
Service charges are based on an hourly rate, though I am often able to quote a fixed charge in advance once the scope of the work is known. These quotes are based on the amount of time that I expect the job to take. I will honour quotes, even if the work takes longer than expected, as long as the scope has not changed.

The maximum charge for services is $50/hour. This may be reduced under certain circumstances (see below).

Under what circumstances would you reduce the service charge?
I always apply a fair price test. At my discretion, I may reduce the overall charge if:

  • The job took longer than it should have, and the charge is disproportionate to the actual outcome.
  • The problem was only partially fixed.

If I was unable to identify the problem at all and have added no value, there will be no service charge. If I propose a fix to a problem but you choose not to proceed, I will make an appropriate charge for the diagnosis. I will always try to ensure that charges are fair both to us and to you.

Is there a call-out charge?
In order to keep my service charges as low as possible, I make a small charge to cover the costs of making an on-site visit. These charges depend on your proximity to my base in Duncraig, approximately as follows:

  • Within 0.5 km => No charge
  • Up to 4 KM =>   $15
  • Up to 6 km =>   $20
  • Up to 8 km =>   $25
  • Up to 10 km => $30

Unless otherwise specified, this charge is levied per visit to your home or premises.