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Phone:                  0417 175 483
A Mobile Computer Service for Perth Northern Suburbs
Phone: 0417 175 483
Frequently Asked Questions => Privacy & Confidentiallity
Can I be sure that data on my computer will not be disclosed or distributed in any way?
When servicing your computer I make every effort to avoid reading or viewing any information kept on it. I only access your data to the minimum extent required to accomplish the task in hand. I will not disclose or distribute any information to any third party without your permission.

Can I be sure that my personal details will not be disclosed or distributed in any way?
I will not disclose any personal details that I may have collected, such as your name, address, phone number or email address, to any third party without your permission.

You sometimes send me emails about special offers, etc. Can I be removed from the mailing list?
I may sometimes send you details of special offers or other information that I think may be of interest. I guarantee that this will be kept to a minimum. Nevertheless, if you would prefer not to receive such information, just let me know by emailing with an appropriate message.

You once took a backup of my system, what happened to it?
When servicing your computer I sometimes need to take a backup of your data or of the whole system. For safety I keep this for a period (usually a few weeks), just in case you discover a problem. After a suitable period it will be deleted. If you prefer that it is deleted either immediately or after a period of your choice, please let me know at the time. Alternatively these backups can be copied to your own external hard drive if required, usually for a small fee. Such backups will never be used or distributed in any way, except to recover data on your behalf.