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Software => Applications Installation and Update
Application Installations
A1 ComputaFix can help you with any software applications that you need to install. For example:

  • Microsoft Office - Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

  • Internet Security - Such as Norton Internet Security or other antivirus protection of your choice.

  • Backup Software - Such as Acronis True Image.

  • Email Client - Such as Windows Live Mail.

  • Free Applications - Such as Adobe Reader (for displaying PDF documents), Mozilla Firefox (alternative Web Browser), etc.

  • Specialist Software - Such as Adobe products for Image or Video processing, etc..

Application Updates
Once software is installed, it is important to track down & install updates to ensure that your applications perform at their best and most secure. You may also need help to configure them.

System Configuration
In addition to installing software, we can also help to set your system up to make optimum use of a second hard drive, and set up a backup schedule, etc.

A1 ComputaFix normally holds a limited range of commercial software (i.e. non-freeware) that I can supply at competitive prices, but you are free to source anything you need yourself if you prefer.
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Phone: 0417 175 483