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Phone:                  0417 175 483
Home & Small Business Networks
A Mobile Computer Service for Perth Northern Suburbs
Phone: 0417 175 483

New Broadband Service
If you've recently signed up for a Broadband Internet service you may have received a box containing a router with sometimes rather cryptic instructions for installation. If you aren't sure what to do, give me a ring and I will connect it up and configure it for you. I will also ensure that your wireless network is properly secured. This is very important to prevent anyone else using your internet connection or accessing your network.

If you've recently changed your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you may want to save money by using your old equipment (router). I can help by ensuring that it is properly configured for the new ISP, and advise whether it is still the best option.

Data & Device Sharing
If you have more than one computer you may be interested in sharing data between your computers. For example, you may want to keep all your photos and music on a single computer, but be able to access it from other computers. Alternatively, you may need to share access to documents between your computers.

I can set all this up according to your requirements, and ensure that your printers and scanners are available to anyone using your network.

Network Problems
Contact me if you have any other network problems, such as if your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) has stopped working, or if your internet connection keeps dropping. In some cases it may be useful to update your router firmware.

I can also comment on the speed of your internet connection. Many people have stayed with older broadband plans and are paying too much for a very slow connection. You may even be able to stay with the same provider if you prefer, but reduce costs and/or improve connection speed simply by finding out what else they can provide.