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Software => New Computer Setup
If you've purchased a new computer or laptop you may need some help to set it up or transfer all your data (documents, email, photos, music, video, etc) from your old computer.

Here's a list of some of the things that may be required.

  • Connect to the Network - For example, connect to a wireless network.

  • Install Windows Updates - Ensure that Windows properly configured and running the latest version.

  • Install Applications - Such as Microsoft Office, and anything else you need.

  • Install Internet Security - A1 ComputaFix recommend Norton Internet Security, but you may prefer to use free Anti-Virus software such as AVG Free Edition or Microsoft Essentials in conjunction with the Windows Firewall, or any other package of your choice.

  • Install Printer, Webcam, etc - I will track down and install the latest drivers to go with your equipment.

  • Restore Data - Documents, photos, email, music, video, and anything else that you may want to transfer from your old system.

  • Configure System - Set up email access, arrange to share data and multimedia, add additional user accounts, set up a backup schedule, etc.

Much the same work is needed after a Windows reinstallation.

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Phone: 0417 175 483