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Solving Your Problems
Problems, Problems!
Computer problems are many & varied. Here are some typical examples.

  • Your computer won't boot, perhaps with odd boot messages displaying on the screen, or possibly no sign of activity at all.

  • You can hear "clunking" noises (coming from the hard drive), and perhaps are getting file error messages.

  • Occasionally your computer crashes with a blue screen full of messages.

  • Your computer is noisy.

  • Applications such as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Word keep crashing.

  • You've accidentally deleted some files and would like to recover them.

  • Your computer takes a long time to boot.

  • Your computer is generally slow to do anything.

  • You are unable to browse the internet.

  • You are no longer receiving email.

  • You are swamped with pop-up windows, making the computer unusable.

How I Can Help
Whatever the problem, A1 ComputaFix will be able to provide a solution. In some cases this may mean replacing PC components, in other cases viruses may need to be removed, or perhaps the computer needs a tune-up.

If it's a problem I haven't seen before I will research a solution. Remember, you'll only be charged for the assistance given.
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Phone: 0417 175 483