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Software => System Updates
What are System Updates?
System Updates are changes to operating system components (programs and other code). Windows system updates are supplied by Microsoft, and often contain bug fixes (to correct software errors), security patches (to make your system more secure against the latest virus/spyware threats), or performance improvements. Sometimes they provide additional functionality.

Microsoft are now offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 for any computer running Windows 7 or later.

Why They are Important
By keeping your system fully updated it will normally be more secure, suffer less problems, and may have better performance.

How I Can Help
Windows is often configured to automatically download & apply critical updates, usually overnight. Sometimes this function is disabled, or not working correctly. I can make sure it is configured according to your requirements and apply any updates that may have been missed. If you are running Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc) we will include these in your update schedule.

I will also review the optional updates (these are not applied automatically) to see if any are likely to be of benefit to your system.

If you are nervous about upgrading to Windows 10, I can upgrade your computer for you after taking a full backup of the original system.

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